Reid M Petro Cinematography and filmmaking blog.

My Creed


My passion is helping storytellers avoid mediocre images by crafting incredible images that get your story noticed. You deserve images that are going to inspire others. This is how we do that. These are my promises to you.

Your #1 fan

I am unrelenting in seeing your vision come to life. Making you and your clients thrilled about the project is my obsession.

Get all the content “in the can” and then some

You need, and expect, that what you pay for is what you get. That’s absolutely true, but I go above and beyond. I always strive to capture the unexpected on set. I foster an atmosphere to let those little moment flourish. Your client, and editor, will thank you!

Under Budget

budgets are tight, I get that! You should get the most value out of ever dollar and every job is unique, that is why I work with you to craft a tailored production plan that fits your vision. This includes the perfect camera and lens choice along with the team to make your production shine.

Due preparation and research

It’s never enough to just show up on the day of the shoot. Each production has its own unique challenges and only through proper research and preparation can your film be a success! That’s why I put in the time to scout, setup meetings, read about the latest techniques, help with logistics, and test gear.

Provide solutions under stressful situations

The production process is often stressful and unpredictable. That is why I approach every project with a sense of confidence and alleviate as much stress and unpredictability as possible. When you are less stressed then you can focus on what’s really important, telling an amazing story!

Bring together the best team

You work hard to get you and your client’s vision made. You deserve a team around you that is just as determined as you! I bring together elite professionals that get the job done efficiently.

Have fun on set

A lousy experience and attitude on set is not okay. Even if you get good images, you deserve to have collaborators that have fun on set! I take my job seriously, but also create space for a great time!

Collaboration through the entire production cycle

Keeping a creative and collaborative mindset throughout the process allows for a great experience. It’s not only about recording the images, for me, I take pride in assisting you through the filmmaking journey. I love helping you deliver your vision from pre production all the way through post.

Tell the story through images

You like pretty images, who doesn’t, but images need to do more that just be aesthetically pleasing. There are a lot of people who can make “good” images. I strive for much more than just pleasing images, I capture emotion and tell a story within all of my frames.

Craft images that get noticed

Mediocre is not okay and mundane is stupid. I strive to craft stunning images that get you and your client’s noticed!


I can’t wait to assist you with your next production and provide stunning images that help tell the story and get you noticed.

Let’s chat more about your next project!